Сергей Розен , Черный маг Сергей Розен

The Magic of Blood.


The Magic of Blood.

  Money, it is egregory energy-information education created by people, they have their own symbols and these are banknotes ...

  There are basic laws of magic, described in the Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trisgermist.
And one of them, it says, attracts like that ...
Working with cash flows, the main section of Dark Practices.
I will describe one of the main methods of my system by omitting a complex ritual component, and giving the basics. So, in the phase of the growing moon, take 50 rubles. (Or $ 50)
Bind the middle finger of the left hand, and counter-clockwise, put on the bill barely noticeable points on each of the four sides.

Then fold it into a triangle, and put it in the wallet to the money.
The triangle is the oldest symbol of the crystallization of forms from chaos, it is used as a symbol of the manifestation of power very often in the Dark Magic practices and witchcraft.
Wear this money talisman, until the full moon.

  In the full moon, unfold the bill, and insert the ATM into your account.

  Do the same with 100.500.1000 and 5000 banknotes.
Or $ 100 and if you find $ 1000 with a banknote, but the latter refers rather to not a simplified practice, but to the full ritual of the Magic of Money.
But even this simple process is taken very seriously.
During work, turn the face toward the north, sitting at the table.
Candles use green.
 Here, despite the simplicity, two important components are involved, these are the symbols of the egregor of money and blood, the carrier of human DNA.
Dysoxyribonucleic acid found in the blood, the human genocode, carries all the information about it and its genus. Without going into unnecessary details I will only say that by such a simple ritual they unite their energy structure with blood ties with energy, with egregore money.
This action should be repeated in a year, seven times.
The magic of blood, very strong and dangerous

  Black magician Sergei Rozen.