Сергей Розен , Черный маг Сергей Розен



Mabon / ALBAN EL VED /The time of autumn early

21-22 September.




The very name of this magical holiday of a change of cycles occurred on behalf of the Welsh god Mabon.
In the Welsh myths, Mabon symbolizes male fertility.
Mabon is a young deity. The autumnal equinox marks the time of change, the same marks the birth of Mabon. Mordon, his mother - the Great Goddess, the Guardian of a different world. Sometimes she is associated with Gaya earth.
Beginning with the autumnal equinox, the tide of "light" strength begins to decrease.
On this night and day, Mages and Witches make wands and staffs, magical artifacts, made from elm wood, runes.


The sun after the autumnal equinox shines weaker until the winter solstice.
One of the Valian legends says,
Mabon, was kidnapped at the age of three.
Long ago, at the beginning of time, when the world was very young, Mabon was born, "Great Son of the Great Mother Earth"
But three nights after his birth, he was abducted from his mother, Mordon. Time passed, centuries turned into centuries, and the name of Mabon became a secret, he disappeared without a trace.


A man named Kulkh lived on the earth, who loved the beautiful daughter of the Leader of Great Isbanadaden, Oluen, and wanted to marry her. But no one who entered the fortress of the giant, still came out alive. According to the prophecy, death was to be overtaken by Isbad-Daden on his daughter's wedding day, and, therefore, for those who claimed Oluen's hand, he appointed 44 unrealistic tests. Therefore, Isbaddaden hoped to avoid his fate.


Kulkh accepted this challenge, and his cousin, the legendary King Arthur and his faithful knights, helped him. But before going to the fortress of the giant and participating in the trials, they decided to find Mabon, because only Mabon could help them win. But they did not know where to look for him.
In the beginning they found ancient animals that lived before all the others and could help them in their search. Kulkh and Arthur went with their companions to roam the earth. The first of the oldest animals they met on the way was a blackbird.
When asked by Kulka about Mabon, the blackbird replied: "I have not heard anything about the child who was born Mordon." Go to Deer, maybe he can help you. "
When they found Deer Deer and asked him the same question, Deere replied: "I do not know who you are looking for, but maybe a wise owl knows"
But the Owl also did not know anything about Mabon and advised Kulha to find the Great Eagle. Khulkh and his assistants found an eagle and asked him if he knew where to look for Mabon. The eagle replied: "I can not help you, but I only once met an animal that could learn something about Mabon.
Once I hunted for a salmon lake. But it so happened that the salmon drew me deep under the water.


I barely got out, eagles, flew to this lake to avenge me.
But the salmon asked me for peace, and I agreed.
Go to this lake and ask him.
And he went to the lake and salmon asked a question to him, where is Mabon?
And the salmon said: "Let the two of you sit on my shoulders, I'll take them to the wall of Cairo Loy. I hear often how someone cries there."
And the magic salmon became gigantic, two people sat on his back without difficulty.
And he brought them to the wall of Cairo Loy, and they heard a crying voice.
And they asked "Who cries?"
And the voice said, "I am Mabon, the son of Mordon."
All the time since the beginning of time I'm in custody, and there is no salvation to me
"Coulth, Arthur and his knights went into battle with the immortal guards of werewolves guarding Mabon, and those seeing the fearlessness of mortals released him ...


So the legend says, like all legends, legends and fairy tales, it is full of hidden symbolism, and for the modern reader much will seem anochronism, but wishing to "read between terms" perceiving information not only on an informed level will understand much ...


Dark Magician Sergei Rosen
21.09.2017 Rome