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Halloween, Samhain , Samhein-Oktober 31


Halloween, Samhain , Samhein-Oktober 31.



    Days from October 29 to October 31, the time of Darkness, a time when the line between the worlds of the living and the other world is extremely thin, a time when much is possible.


  Samhein's time, this is the blurring of the boundaries between worlds, the meeting of the living world with the world of the dead.
Samhein reveals everything that is hidden, cancels time itself.In translation from Old Samland, the distorted Samhain is the end of the "light tide and beginning, the peak of the Dark Tide of Power."Samhein symbolizes the death of a fading nature and the beginning of the "dark" half of the year, connects the world of people and the world of spirits.
For a whole week the annual circle stops its course, and it's time to sum up.


  According to the beliefs, in the days of Samhein, the gate opened between the worlds of the living and the dead, and the otherworldly forces freely walked on the earth.
From the hills, magical creatures of power came out to the white light, they gave people magical artifacts and took the wives of the most beautiful girls.this mysterious people never interfered in human life, although they had the gift of foresight and could help people with their predictions or save them from evil. Legends claim that the Syl were beautiful and superior to people with their wisdom.
However, it was not only the sidhis that penetrated Samhain into the world of people.a lot of evil forces, hungry spirits wandered under the cold November sky of midnight, and only extreme caution and special rituals could save them from them.
Not being protected, any ordinary person risked being in the hands of otherworldly forces.The main ritual of protection was gifts to the gods, (I note according to the ancient book of Ferryl on which the knowledge of the Druids and the mothers of Avalon was based, there were no bloody sacrifices from the druids, it was much later, and the introduced tradition, the druids preferred bloodless sacrifices - ritual cakes, honey, wine ), they could propitiate the forces of another world and save people from hostile creatures.the gods were sacrificed to cattle, in the coastal areas - fish. In the process, there were also bloody sacrifices, when the throat was cut in front of the altars of pagan deities.After the sacrifice, the children of the Celts smeared their foreheads with blood - these were echoes of the customs of even more ancient times, when people were sacrificed to the gods (also very doubtful statement, but very tenacious, to take at least the moment of the Stivenoking "Dark Tower" (part of "Sorcerer and Crystal"), - in the post-apocalyptic world, much thrown back in the field of civilization and swiftly "bothering" (not so true yet, that would legitimize bloody victims), "carried away" an inflamed crowd burns at the stake Susan Delgado instead of a scarecrow, on the autumn right the crop crop, the parallel of which with Samaine is practically indicated directly).
Highlighted "terrible faces" - to the same tradition, they were cut out and hung out exactly as scarecrow-protectors.Only here were cut out "faces" of turnips and beets - the pumpkin was not yet brought from America.


  In addition to evil and good deities, during the Feast of Samhein, the souls of the dead could return to the world. The living people had to pay homage to them, show respect - people remembered about those they loved, reconciled with those with whom they had previously been at enmity.Celts heard the voices of the deceased, sensed their presence and were not afraid, because they knew that they wanted to share with them the sacral knowledge or just to stay close. During the holiday people had the opportunity not only to remember the departed, but also to understand their own souls, to understand that in life it became superfluous, unnecessary, that it was time to let go for ever, with which one can part with no regrets, because the term came.Samhain, Halloween is a magical time, but nobody canceled economic problems during the holiday. No wonder the word "samhain" comes from the Sanskrit "samana" - "assembly", "gathering". On holidays, kings, leaders and people of the Celts gathered together for feasts, festivities and the resolution of disputes through fights.in Samhain, the time for payment of taxes was coming, and every person of the tribe was to appear at the celebration with tribute and gifts to the leaders.
Later in the autumn, the end of the pasture season also came, at which time the sheep and cattle were returned to human dwellings. Some of the livestock was left for the tribe, some were sent for slaughter, for stocks for winter time and, of course, for feasts on Samhein days.But neither to light feasts, nor to prepare food, no one could with the help of an old, dying fire. All the fixtures and fires extinguished, and then in the fires of the kings the druids kindled a new, clean fire. A new fire was extracted by friction, and a sign of special favor of the gods was considered if the flame lit a lightning caught in a ritual bonfire. After the burning of pure fire, the time of the feast came.


  Samhein's food is full, winter.it is not just food, it is designed to protect the feasting from evil, to give them the strength to survive the coming cold. Freshly baked breads, a lot of boiled and roasted meat, always cereals, milk, cheeses, apples, nuts were served on the Celts during the holiday.
Of the drinks in Gaul, wine prevailed, in other Celtic countries beer and mid - a drink from fermented honey.entertained the bards gathered at the banquet - the Celtic storytellers. The remains of the meal were not thrown away, they could still come in handy for magical rituals. Bread crusts, for example, the shepherds scattered across the fields to protect the cattle from predators.
We are at the threshold of new portals and the "wheel of life" is stricken in a new quadrant ...
  For each night of October 31 is unique and non-privatized.


  Dark Magician Sergei Rosen-Halloween, Samhain 31 oktober 2017