Сергей Розен , Черный маг Сергей Розен

"Vasilisk Look"


"Vasilisk Look"


  Eyes and look are capable to transfer energy to influence people to any as necessary, but here I describe only methods of negative impacts.


  Legends of mythical monsters "Basilisk",
To "Gorgon", capable to kill with a look and to turn into a stone, are very close to reality.
The Sorcerer's look, one of his most terrible tools and ability a look to put the strongest damnations, to subordinate possibly to develop and to improve.

Methods of the Malefice can be carried to methods of mental influences, and partly to a psychokinesis - ability to influence the mental energy subjects of the physical plan.
I will describe the certain practicians allowing to understand an essence of this phenomenon.


  1. Preparatory methods / them can be improved in parallel with practical/.


  1.1 Concentration. Standing in front of the mirror without blinking concentrate on "the third eye" of 5 minutes. This method trains eye muscles and ability to concentration, and also partly to counteraction of a malefice because in this case you to a vliyata on itself. Having ended concentration close eyes to some time, pound point auricles around lobes of ears responsible for sight, wash out eyes cool water.


  2.2. Hang up a small bead on thread and concentrating on her without touching by hands only looking at her achieve her rocking. Doing it of 5 minutes. It is an initial stage of ability to transofomirovat the mental energy in physical action.
Achieve steady results.



  1.3. Put before yourself a compass, concentrating on his shooter achieve her movement. It is more difficult method. Also make him of 5 minutes.


  1.4. Light a candle, concentrating on a flame by mental effort extinguish it. It is one of difficult methods in which you can be improved all life, a lot of things depend on your knacks and ability to concentrate attention on a main objective.
Combine this method with two previous.
These a part the practician, and I consciously didn't begin to describe full. technique.
Knowing will understand, the others will read...
However they at the initial level are enough to improve Iskustva of "the Basilisk Look" which you will use practically and which is a basis of "mental hypnosis".


Black magician Sergej Rozen