Сергей Розен , Черный маг Сергей Розен

Magic of Passion-Sex magic.


   Magic of Passion-Sex magic



  What is an incubus / incubus and a succubus? People call them laurels / larvae a word that has become a curse. These are thought forms that have gained some independence and energy-consuming mental images of erotic and sexual fantasies in the huge amounts allocated during all types of masturbation and masturbation. There are several methods of creating them.
The first is more suited to the category of magic, since it pursues the practical goal of influencing reality. During the orgasm, a huge amount of energy is allocated, it is at this moment that the consciousness is very briefly lost / depends on the strength of the orgasm / and the direct "channel" is uncovered, by virtue of one of the laws of magic, so that we do not lay in the subconscious, it will become reality under certain conditions.

  The magician creates a vivid visual image of the desired one / some create a picture / symbol / camera and concentrates on it self-satisfied continuously repeating the goal formula, naturally composed in the right way, not containing negative particles of HE, and LI and so on. Repeating this method over and over again, taking into account the magician to strengthen his phase of the moon, can reach a great deal. Repeating create a strong thought form / desire lily, the method can be used for all kinds of love spells, getting something of the same sums of money, it is possible to use women to create one ideal for sexual attractiveness of the image but this is a separate line of image. The second method, the creation of an ideal partner, is most suitable for romantically tuned natures, thinking images. This method is very dangerous, as it causes a strong dependence.
  Mage, witch, "normal" person / I put quotes as ordinary people are unlikely to do that /, creates the image of an ideal partner / sometimes for this use drawings, paintings, legends /. I make a digression, each of us has a subconscious the image of an ideal partner, a man, a woman who unconsciously searches for the rest of his life, and meets someone who suits his appearance, the manner of speaking, moves a suitable under this image is experiencing a complex of strongest desires called love.

    So, creating an image, the magician begins to concentrate on it, saturate him with energy, doing self-satisfaction, presenting vivid images of how he / she has sex with him, completely liberating himself doing everything that would have been impossible with the physical partner, realizing his most gross and delicate and perverted ones fantasy, and at the same time experiencing a strong orgasm in the end, thereby fully "charging" their emotionality and achieving the full realization of their deepest desires. Again, sexmagic does not fit all psychotypes, and not all of them ologicheski, only those who have a pronounced visual modality / thinking in images, and not finding the implementation sometimes repressed sexual desires and fantasies.
Each time the incubus or succubus becomes more and more powerful and the magician can use it to influence people to arouse sexual desires or nightmares / the magician can work with the image of a monster, a monster, but this is perhaps the lot of units with very perverted sexual perceptions practically not described anywhere else /    Here, too, lies the danger, a strong larva to maintain its existence itself begins to constantly take away part of the life force that created it, and destroy this creation is very difficult. Since during its creation, an incubus or succubus can be brought to the death from exhaustion or madness of its creator.
Some strong witches and sorcerers who use astral projection practices go to the victim in an unphysical body, creating passionate sexual fantasies and taking away the life force, and some ancient grimoires also associate incubi and succubus with them.

  Dark Magician Sergei Rosen